The i8-PCS is our pollution control device that is designed to cool combustion gases at the first stage to around 425°C to prevent de novo formation of dioxins and furans. The consistent process then passes the combustion gases through a catalytic converter using hydrated lime to act as a reagent to remove acid gases and capture the resulting solids. The resultant combustion gases are then filtered through ceramic filtration to directly capture and remove particulates. All this is done to achieve a pollution-free environment.

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Remove particulates by direct capture in the ceramic filter
Handle up to 6,500 m3/hr of gas flow
Ideal for control of dioxin and particulate emissions
Remove acidic gases by reaction with hydrated lime and capture of the resulting solid
Avoid ‘De Novo’ dioxin formation by removing necessary reactants before the gasses cool to the temperature window where formation occurs
Remove condensed heavy metals as particulates in the filter Instruments to display temperature and pressure
A hood to fit over the existing Incinerator flue gas outlet to collect the flue gas with a small amount
Compressed air reverse pulse cleaning system and impact vibrator.

Additional information

• High Plastic waste
• Waste To Energy Plants
• Paints
• Inorganic chemicals manufacturing
• Vials & syringes
• Pesticides
• Bandages and gauzes
• Laboratory Chemicals PPE waste
• Silicate Production
• Animal Carcass Manufacture
• Gold Recovery
• Mining Waste
• Municipal Waste Incineration


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