I8-M20 model is an advanced small scale medical incinerator. The i8-M20 is the first in our line of specialist “M” incinerators that are optimised for medical waste disposal. The addition of an enhanced CE2-VFD control panel, tertiary air fan and increased insulation improves performance and provides all-round suitability for many different types of medical, clinical, pharmaceutical and hazardous waste streams. This unit benefits from a secondary chamber with an afterburner for the reburn of harmful emissions with a 2 second retention time.

Our medical incinerators are designed to burn Type I – IV pathological waste, infectious, contaminated “red bag,” surgical dressings, plastic test devices and other wastes. If you are paying a high fee to haul these waste materials to a disposal site, now is the time to consider the onsite Incineration alternative. On-site incineration is a thorough, fast, and cost effective way to dispose of waste. Our various models are engineered to meet strict air emission regulations without offensive smoke or odour.

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