The i8-PC2 is our flagship model for pet cremation, boasting a high capacity loading chamber, heavy-duty front access door and cylindrical cremation chamber for increased efficiency. The i8-PC2 is also the only model in our range that uniquely presents itself as a self-contained system. It features a rear access door consisting of a mounted control panel and integrated fuel tank meaning only minor installation is needed to get your business started. Additional options such as USB data logging can also be fitted to make this, the ultimate pet cremation solution.
Designed and manufactured in Britain to ISO 9001 accredited quality assurance standards. Our pet cremation systems have been ergonomically designed with a large front loading door and chamber, making it easy to load and remove ashes.

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Cladded for heat retention, cool touch & hygiene control Patented safety handle for easy access to chamber
High quality refractory lining and insulation
Easy to use CE2 control panel
Programmable temperature control for complete combustion
Temperature monitoring
Secondary chamber* with 2 second retention time
Quick & easy start up
Low energy consumption levels

Additional information

Our pet cremation incinerators have been designed to help start-up pet cremation businesses or for more established businesses that are looking to improve their existing incinerators with more efficient and ergonomic models. Our systems are suitable for a wide range of animals such as:
• Dogs
• Cats
• Hamsters
• Rabbits
• Birds
• Reptiles


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