I8-55G model, a great investment, is a mid range incinerator. The i8-55G General Incinerator is one of the most popular models in our medium capacity range due to its simple, effective use as a multi-purpose incinerator with suitability for disposing of general and medical waste. The addition of advanced secondary chamber technology with a gas retention time of 2.0 seconds allows to i8-55A to comply with stringent environmental standards for various types of waste. The top-loading design means liquids are well retained within the system during combustion and its smaller size belies high efficiency and impressive burn rates.

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Small footprint and operating costs.
Rapid, complete and efficient medical waste disposal
Patented safety handle for easy access to chamber
High quality refractory lining and insulation
Easy to use CE2 control panel
Programmable temperature control for complete combustion
Secondary chamber* with 2 second retention time
Fast pre-heat and continual high temperature performance
Low energy consumption levels

Additional information

• General waste
• Military Operations
• Camp waste
• Domestic waste
• Industrial Waste
• Hotels & Resortrs
• Mining Operations
• Wood/Construction
• Emergency/Refugee Camps


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