Pneumatic Automatic Loading System. A Pneumatically powered dual-ram system to enable continuous feeding of waste into an I8-140/200/250 incinerator – increases efficiency, safety and longevity.
Constructed from steel with louvred exterior panelling. This autoloader benefits from a large loading aperture of 700mm x 400mm. The sloped chute enhances the simple process of feeding waste into the loading
hopper. This also prevents overloading of the system.

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Horizontal sliding door to enable safe and efficient waste loading
Minimal power consumption
20 seconds loading time
Push button operation
Optional hydraulic bin-tipping machine (EU size bins 120/240L)
Inclined chute for waste feeding loading hopper, prevents overspill.

Additional information

Compatible with:
This model of autoloader is suitable for all our mid-range models:
I8-140A I8-140G I8-200A I8-200G
I8-M200 I8-250A I8-250G I8-M250


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