Pneumatic Automatic Loading System. A Pneumatically powered dual-ram system to enable continuous feeding of waste into an I8-700 or I8-1000 incinerator – increases efficiency, safety & longevity.
Constructed from steel with louvred exterior panelling. This autoloader benefits from a large loading aperture of 1700 x 600 x 500mm. The sloped chute enhances the simple process of feeding waste into the loading hopper. This also prevents overloading of the system.

The I8-PALS-XL (Automatic Loading System) is a pneumatically powered external loading module with its own dedicated waste loading door and vertical interlocking charging door connected to the incinerator combustion chamber.
Push button operation will open the horizontal feeding door which will allow the operator to deposit waste into the loading hopper, the vertical loading door will then open which allows the pneumatic ram to charge waste directly into the combustion chamber of the incinerator, the ram will then retract to await the next batch of waste to be loaded into the incinerator once the first cycle has completed.
This process has the advantage of zero manual interaction with the incinerator combustion chamber, which is a safer process with combined push button opening to prevent unsafe operation.

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Horizontal sliding door to enable safe and efficient waste loading
Minimal power consumption
30 seconds loading time & unlimited frequency
Push button operation
Optional hydraulic bin-tipping machine (EU size bins 1100 ltrs)
Inclined chute for easy feeding of loading hopper, prevents overspill.

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Compatible with:
This model of autoloader is suitable for all our larger models - I8-700,


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