Presenting the flagship of our medical range, the i8-M1000. Taking over three years to develop it stands at the forefront of combustion technology – offering impressive burn rates on large batch sizes, whilst still achieving some of the lowest emissions in its class. The i8-M1000 can also be customised with viewing windows, external cladding, and automatic loading to provide you with an effective and sustainable solution when disposing of Type I – IV pathological waste, including infectious and contaminated “red bag”, surgical dressings, plastic test devices and other medical waste types. In addition, the advanced i8-M1000 comes with smart panel technology as standard, allowing operators to remotely monitor performance and analysis reports. With all this in mind, it is easy to see why the i8-M1000 is the system of choice in some of the largest hospitals in the world.

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Fully insulated chamber to retain heat and improve combustion
Rapid, complete and efficient waste disposal
Patented safety handle for easy access to chamber
High quality refractory lining and insulation
Easy to use CE7 control panel
Programmable temperature control for complete combustion
Secondary chamber* with 2 second retention time
Fast pre-heat and continual high temperature performance Low energy consumption levels

Additional information

• Type I -IV pthological waste
• Infectious and contaminated ‘red bag’
• Surgical dressings
• Plastic testing devices & equipment
• Vials & syringes
• Yellow bags
• Bandages and gauzes
• Covid PPE waste
• Out of date pharmaceutical waste


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