Our i8-40A builds upon the success of our i8-20A and is a simple and effective agricultural incinerator from our smaller range. It excels in being a machine that is capable of dealing with a wide range of waste at an affordable price point. It features advanced chamber technology with an afterburner for the re-burn of harmful emissions with a 2 second retention time giving you a complete compact waste solution.

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Small footprint and operating costs.
Rapid, complete and efficient medical waste disposal
Patented safety handle for easy access to chamber
High quality refractory lining and insulation
Easy to use CE2 control panel
Programmable temperature control for complete combustion
Secondary chamber* with 2 second retention time
Fast pre-heat and continual high temperature performance
Low energy consumption levels

Additional information

• All forms of animal by-products
• Soiled animal bedding
• Pet cremation
• Out of date / cross contaminated feeds
• Small slaughterhouse/abattoir waste
• Catteries & kennels
• Hunt & Game waste
• Stable & Stud Farm
• Emergency Outbreaks


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