The flagship model within our agricultural lineup is the i8-1000A, it is the biggest machine within our agricultural range and took over three years to develop. The i8-1000A is at the forefront of combustion technology and offers impressive burn rates and large batch sizes while still achieving some of the lowest emissions in its class. The i8-1000A can be customised with viewing windows, external cladding and automatic loading to provide an effective and sustainable waste disposal solution for many different types of agricultural waste. The i8-1000A also has the benefit of being fitted with our NX PLC control panel including smartpanel technology allowing operators to remotely monitor performance and diagnose any issues should they occur.

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Fully insulated chamber to retain heat and improve combustion
Rapid, complete and efficient waste disposal
Patented safety handle for easy access to chamber
High quality refractory lining and insulation
Easy to use CE7 control panel
Programmable temperature control for complete combustion
Secondary chamber* with 2 second retention time
Fast pre-heat and continual high temperature performance
Low energy consumption levels

Additional information

• Plastics & packaging
• Camp waste
• Domestic waste
• Industrial Waste
• Hotels & Resorts
• Mining Operations
• Wood/Construction
• Document Waste
• Emergency/Refugee Camps


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